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Spare parts and assistance
for Power and Oil&Gas valves,
plants and systems

We solve each and every type of problem

VPS Italy provides technical assistance, maintenance
and spare parts for valves to maintain the efficiency
of Oil&Gas energy plants and systems.

Listening, intervention and
high quality

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Thanks to the company's experience in the sector, its dynamic structure and organisation, along with continuous updating, VPS Italy is a one-stop-shop able to respond to the technical needs and demands of the most important international productive poles.

VPS stands out for its synergistic consulting approach, able to guarantee both direct technical support, for the choice and treatment of all types of valves (ball, gate-globe-check, butterfly valves and many more), as well as with regards to complete commercial support.

An innovative way of thinking about services

Care and attention to client needs and demands.

Reactivity and timeliness of intervention.

Decades of technical experience.

Flexible and highly trained company structure and organization.